Thomas aquinas philosophy on avoiding evil effects of an action in the principle of double effect

But perhaps this is as it should be: double effect might be easier to explain and justify if the range of cases to which it applies is limited in this way. Two important moral issues arise concerning this practice. Boyle, Joseph, Some members of the U.

doctrine of double effect deontology

Joseph Bolin The Principle of Double Effect Some philosophers, such as Peter Knauer, have argued that the principle of double effect is the "fundamental principle of ethics. Masek, Lawrence, Advance Warning Each party to the conflict must give effective advance warning of attacks which may affect the civilian population, unless circumstances do not permit.

Paradigm 4: Lethal Overdose. A traditional military ethics application of Double Effect, to distinguish between strategic and terror bombing, remains a subject of debate today as well Bratman; Kamm, Scanlon, T. Although the first three conditions have a decidedly anticonsequentialist character, the fourth may appear to embrace consequentialist reasoning.

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Would it be permissible to increase the level of sedation foreseeing that this would hasten the death that is now inevitable? The passage can be interpreted as formulating a prohibition on apportioning one's efforts with killing as the only goal guiding one's actions, which would lead one to act with greater viciousness than the goal of self-defense would allow. Uniacke, Suzanne, The principle of double effect is directed at well-intentioned agents who ask whether they may cause a serious harm in order to bring about a good end of overriding moral importance when it is impossible to bring about the good end without the harm. But the way in which a moral act is to be classified depends on what is intended, not what goes beyond such an intention. Bennett, Jonathan Because advocates of double effect propose that consequentially similar acts can be morally different, double effect is most often criticized by consequentialists who consider the consequences of actions entirely determinative of the action's morality. David, a forty-nine year old HIV patient, is terminally ill and in constant pain. Garcia, Jorge, Scanlon, T. Thus, self-sacrifice and killing in self-defense might involve permissibly causing death as a means to a good end, while dispensing medication to relieve pain in terminally ill patients and the strategic bombing of military targets might involve causing death as a side effect. A second striking feature of Quinn's interpretation or revision of double effect is that it analyzes the disfavored kind of agency as conduct that subordinates the victim to purposes that he or she either rightfully rejects or cannot rightfully accept, thereby violating the victim's right not to be surbordinated in this way , p.
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The Doctrine of Double Effect