Visiting three underground places

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Visiting three underground places

Contributed by Chris Young from England Explore. The nearest traffic hub to Hukou Waterfall is Yuncheng Airport. If you are interested in a guided tour, you might consider this tour which visits Oxford plus the Cotswolds. But this city, and region, is rich in culture, history and nature in equal proportions. Located in the Notting hill area of the city, the Churchill Arms is a pub with a beautiful array of floral decorations. Coming out of the station you enter a bustling, fashionable shopping street leading on the right to a classic village green and then on to the Thames itself and a row of scenically-located watering holes including the White Cross, a popular venue for England rugby fans on match days at Twickenham. How to get to Bergen You can fly directly into Bergen but I really recommend taking the train from Oslo to Bergen or vice-versa.

Wulingyuan authorities have renamed one of the pillars "Mount Hallelujah," the name of the main floating peak on Pandora. Go and enjoy BiH while it remains relatively untouched.

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The magnificent glacier, which drives through woodlands, cliffs, peaks and gullies, is accessible all year round. In the south of the country, and shared with neighbouring Albania, Skadar Lake National Park is one of my favourite lesser-known gems in Europe.

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Exploding with color, the Benxi Water Cave was formed more than five million years ago. Your first time in Budapest should be dedicated to the castle and its beautiful surrounding.

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This is also a hot spot for water monster fans -- in the last two decades China travelers have reported accounts of a lake creature as long as 20 meters.

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Britain's best underground attractions