Workshop on scientificresearch paper writing

Its format usually requires an abstract or summary and it has a specific writing format.

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They should also take responsibility for improving level of scientific investigations, ensure honesty and integrity, and manage conflict of interest and separate editorial and business functions of the journal. If the test is standard include a reference otherwise give complete minute details including the computer software and version used. While selecting the journal other things which one should consider include is the journal easy to find by other researchers, does it has good visibility and readership, is it listed in important electronic databases, is the journal indexed and covered by important indexes, is it available online as well as in print. The author should allow different level of readership appreciate and understand important outcome of the study. Space constraints, high volume of submissions, more submissions on a particular topic or discipline, inadequately prepared manuscript with poor presentation. Title must be simple, concise, informative, innovative, interesting- Ahmed Mandil Methods should give complete details of the experiment while results should provide answers to questions raised in the introduction. One can also search that journal online to see if it does come among the top research results. In case of a study by a Group, the main authors should be identified alongwith the name of the group and all others can be added as co-investigators at the end of the manuscript. Each medical institution should have a Research Ethics Committee. Highly specialized manuscript should focus on small but specific audience-Phillip Dingwall Dr. Rights must be used responsibly particularly while dealing with others.

Results is about reporting of what did you find - Karen Shashok Ms. Authors are supposed to give point wise response to the comments and suggestions while responding and all the changes made in the revised manuscript should be highlighted for easy identification which saves lot of time and the Editors can make a quick decision.

Decision about authorship and the order of listing of authors should be decided before the start of the study to avoid any dispute later.

Workshop on scientificresearch paper writing

Yousef Al-Bastaki briefly talked about Ghost Authors. Most often it is the junior faculty members, postgraduates who add the name of their Head of the Dept.

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TRIPS is a clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice. They are more interested in making money. The quality of the Reviews, the competence of the reviewers also came under discussion.

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Drawbacks and limitations of IF and how some journals manipulate it also figured during the discussion. Major publishers, she pointed out, are enemy of Open Access Journals. He also highlighted reasons for rejection of manuscripts and mentioned that Journal Editors usually prefer to publish ground breaking new research.

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Results is about reporting of what did you find? It should also state challenges, main findings, highlight shortcomings, compare results with published literature, discuss implications of the findings including possible recommendations. Case reports and Case Series is a description of clinical condition which is not described before. Qualities of a good review were highlighted by the facilitators. Participants were also introduced to the format of writing and publishing a research paper. Predatory journals do not use peer review. The students with similar field of interests were then paired up to proceed with the hands-on session. Peer Reviewers might provide some input but basically it is the job of the authors to do a good job, she remarked. Editorial, Prof. Within 2 hours the teams could completed their review papers which were as per IEEE standards. Predatory Journals mostly trap postgraduates, junior faculty members who are eager to get their manuscripts published immediately-Farhad Handjani His next presentation was on How the Medial Editor office works. They are more interested in making money.
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Writing & Publishing A Scientific Paper Workshop