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Android Studio shows a small window with a list of suggested file types, as appropriate for the selected directory. Click the highlighted code. Material Design Documentation : This is technically a separate section for now, but Google's newest version of Android will introduce a new type of design language called Material Design.

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Click Next. Unity 3D Unity 3D is a cross-platform game development environment used for creating complicated, graphics-intensive mobile games such as those containing virtual or augmented reality. Translate UI strings The Translations Editor tool gives you a single view of all of your translated resources, making it easy to change or add translations, and even find missing translations without opening every version of the strings. Google created Android Studio back in This section shows you samples of code for various functions. Two of the most common services for managing projects with Git are Github and Bitbucket. Use this feature to share books and docs. You can switch between editing your layout in XML and in the visual design editor as often as you like. Companies such as Mozilla, Yahoo, and Pinterest have all used NimbleDroid to test their applications. In the Text tab, take a look at the XML code for the button. It's also helpful if you're not experienced with thinking about how users interact with apps, even if you don't follow the specific recommendations. Show outstanding photos where they fit.

Stetho Stetho is an Android debugging tool created by Facebook. Scroll through the list to get an idea of the properties you could set for a TextView.

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You can upload your own SVG file for editing or select from one of the many Google-provided material design icons. It is largely used for creating games but can be used in a variety of other ways too.

Java itself was released by Sun Microsystems back in and is used for a wide range of programming applications. Patterns : Android is built on structured interfaces.

Write android application

These are just some of the tools you need and hopefully these guides will put you on the right path. So far you have learned how to change property values. The "bias" constraints allows you to tweak the position of a view to be more on one side than the other when both sides are constrained in opposite directions. When you're comfortable with adding and deleting constraints, add constraints to get the buttons into their final position. The good news is, you're not the first person to go down this road. Good luck! The colors. No matter which IDE you choose, using it is a bit like Photoshop: it can do a ton of cool things, but you'll probably only learn the individual tools as you need them. Connect your device to your development machine with a USB cable.

Google maintains a vast, extensive collection of documentation and resources for how to program your apps that you can reference or search through.

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