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Using either two kettlebells or one dumbbell, position arms open with hand over the 90 degree elbows lat pull down position. STEP 1 - Begin standing and step your feet one-leg distance apart.

This style of yoga can also be taught out of heat yatra yoga. The outline allows a varied selection of postures, as well as the ability to be slow and static postures that are held for a duration of time or as a vinyasa sequence fluid and flowing.

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To take this stretch deeper, fold from the hips to bring hands down to the floor, keeping a deep bend in the left knee. Step out laterally to the side in a lunge position keeping your standing leg straight and working leg bent. Bring hands into prayer at your chest and keep the spine long to find extra depth into your hip. We remember when it was taught in back rooms by teachers who had committed their life to healing others. Mobility and range of motion are especially important for triathletes due the the varied nature of movements, especially considering that the effect of cycling and running for a prolonged period can cause certain muscles to tighten and shorten. Have no fear! Reps: Complete 8 reps 3 times.

Push feet into the ground and lift up your hips into a bridge pose. Using your breath, exhale and drive the arms straight over the head. Exhale and bend your front knee 90 degrees until your right knee is over your ankle.

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We do not have luxurious entrances filled with high priced merchandise dangling to tempt your spending addictions, trendy outfits for you to buy and wear, or lavish changing rooms with purified water systems or heck even plush towels to spare.

Welcome to The Yatra Center. The Hot Yatra Yoga mat practice room is a hatha practice that follows an outline designed to fully balance and restore the entire body in an heated room.

90 degree by reflex leggings with pockets

We are uncomplicated.

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