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WULS It is possible to work on your thesis during the exchange and to look for co-supervision at WULS the rules need to be discussed beforehand with lecturer.

When you go to the embassy make sure to take with you all the documents you have been asked before plus all the ones listed by the US Embassy. Please note that if you have research experience you need to include a certificate or diploma as proof of your experience with your application.

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How this is in reality and how you can best approach this, will be discussed here. You have almost graduated and you have been able to develop yourself more. There is always a report and colloquium presentation and is almost always individual.

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Master thesis abroad Master thesis abroad The Euroleague for Life Sciences offers the opportunity to gain international experience and develop your scientific skills, by writing your thesis abroad, in one of the leading Life Science universities in Europe.

However, your application can be considered for acceptance if you meet the following criterias: You are already on exchange while applying for writing your thesis or bachelor project.

If you accept it, an email is sent by the international coordinator of KI to the partner university informing them about your nomination. However, it is a different experience than when you gain work experience. An explanation of the method you use for your research The results of the research A conclusion of your research Finally, you give a recommendation based on the entire research. On average, a student is working on the thesis between 3 and 9 months. On the contrary, you will have to cover the expenses of 3 other steps : The shipment of the DS , the most important document! Instead of having daily tasks, you are now working on solving a large research within the company. It is completely free and you can register on the website. Tellanto has multiple companies looking for talented students. The whole application process is divided into two: first application to KI and the other to the partner university. A lot of students usually end up applying as the partner universities are generally really nice! The criteria is that you have a main supervisor from DTU and in general live op to the DTU regulations for the relevant project. You document this in the form of a thesis that you submit to your study program in order to be able to complete your study. First, start by looking at what you like and what your passions are. Therefore, be prepared and create a detailed plan of action. But you need to have a supervisor at your home university as well.

So it is recommended to organise a thesis by yourself and not via TUMexchange. What are the general characteristics of the thesis? Take a look at thesis databases for different examples. This is another bureaucratic process and if everything has worked smoothly until this point there is no reason to deny your visa.

Please be aware, that you are not able to apply for the SU Study Abroad Scholarschip udlandsstipendium to cover potential tuition fees, since only transferred activities can be financially supported through this grant. Graduating abroad Many students who graduate from a university have not yet had the opportunity to gain relative work experience. Any university can come into consideration, not only TUM partner universities. Some universities will require a tuition fee, others will not. The other alternative to not doing the bachelor thesis abroad is to apply for thesis project at KI or finding your own project aka free mover. It is research based, but the specifications depends on the department and the subject area. In this blog, I will talk about the first few steps you need to take for doing a Bachelor Thesis abroad.

To get started with making plans or for general guidance, contact Ms. Are we looking for you?

The TUMexchange framework is usually not flexible enough for research stays, as the deadlines for TUMexchange are in fall and only once a year for stays abroad during the following academic year. In some cases, the Head of Studies, professors and researchers at DTU have collaboration agreements with other universities that might be relevant to you. Conclusion Writing a dissertation abroad may be a bigger challenge than doing it at home, but together with the experience and knowledge you will gain abroad you are developing rapidly. After you fulfilled the basic criteria you are ranked as per these criteria: Study merits: better results are prioritised. See you around,. You have to register for it in BOKUonline. The other alternative to not doing the bachelor thesis abroad is to apply for thesis project at KI or finding your own project aka free mover. On the contrary, you will have to cover the expenses of 3 other steps : The shipment of the DS , the most important document! The subject of your thesis depends, of course, on the field of business. Any relevant experience and skills can be referred to in the letter from the CV. Sometimes universities have a required structure for your thesis, but it often contains the same steps. It should be concise and well-written in a way that gets your point across.
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Master thesis abroad: Euroleague for Life Sciences